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90% Positive Reviews For Phoebe’s Journey

90% Positive Reviews For Phoebe’s Journey


September 20, 2017 | St. Louis, MO 63124

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New Historical Novel Brings First-Century Christianity To Life

Richly-Imagined Backstory of Phoebe–Paul’s Emissary To The Romans

Phoebe’s Journey Part 1: Of Passion And Pride Debuts To 90% Positive Reviews

One of the best-loved books in the Bible holds a mystery. While working in Corinth, the Apostle Paul penned his letter to the Romans. Paul chose a woman named Phoebe to hand-carry his letter to the church in Rome. In Romans, Chapter 16, Phoebe’s name is at the head of a long list of noble workers Paul praises for their service. “I commend to you our sister Phoebe, who is a deacon in the church in Cenchrea. Welcome her in the Lord as one who is worthy of honor among God’s people. Help her in whatever she needs, for she has been helpful to many and especially to me.”

Who is Phoebe? Why did Paul choose this woman to deliver his precious letter? And why would Phoebe volunteer to make a nearly 1000-mile, sometimes harrowing, always dangerous, journey from her home in Cenchrea, Greece to Rome?

The fictionalized Phoebe’s Journey series delves into these questions, coupling extensive research with believable characters and circumstances. From the mariners to the merchants, from the synagogue leaders to the `Corinthian girls,’ first-century Greece comes alive in this richly imagined backstory of the woman Paul called “worthy of honor among God’s people,” and chose as his emissary to Rome.

Phoebe’s Journey Part 1, Of Passion And Pride, has just been released and is capturing the hearts of its early readers. From young adult readers to seasoned theologians, Phoebe’s Journey is getting 90% positive reviews*:

“This story has drama, intrigue, betrayal, tragedy and romance. It was well written and I was anxious to keep reading to find out what happens to Phoebe, her family and friends.”

“The author does a wonderful job of merging first century history and culture into the story of how this young girl would become prominent to deserve a mention in Scripture.”

“This book had me in tears towards the end and has opened my eyes to areas of development needed in my own faith. I cannot wait to read part two.”

“This intriguing story is personal and real…”

“As a seminary student and minister who occasionally preaches and teaches, I normally find myself rooted in the world of textual studies and non-fiction. Although this first installment of Collett’s trilogy falls under `Christian fiction,’ it is apparent from the first chapter the breadth and depth of historical studies that lay the foundation for this captivating 1st century story and its various historical characters, settings, and plots. With the aid of the character glossary to keep the relationships between the characters clear, I found myself engrossed in the lives of multiple major and minor characters and cheering both for and against them. The most impactful element of this narrative on me was the way it imagined the lives of Paul and Phoebe, two biblical characters we know very much and very little about, respectively. I eagerly anticipate the next two installments and will be rooting Phoebe on to Rome the whole way!”

Author Kathryn Collett’s love of the Bible and her curiosity to know more about the story behind the story led her to write Phoebe’s Journey Part 1: Of Passion And Pride.

“Great storytelling is the thread that connects generations. No matter the time period, the challenges of humanity remain the same. Love, jealousies, the quest for power, sin, redemption, family struggles, the list goes on—the issues we face today are timeless and universal,” said Collett.

“From an early age I’ve been fascinated with books that transport me to another time and place. Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House On the Prairie series, Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden, Esther Forbes’ Johnny Tremain, Willa Cather’s O Pioneers! and My Antonia, are a few of the books that had a lasting impact on me. Those stories made people and places real to me, even though their life’s circumstances were vastly different from mine. I learned valuable lessons from those books. I believe Christian historical fiction can have the same impact on readers today.”

Phoebe’s Journey Part 1: Of Passion And Pride is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, and Smashwords. If you’d like to order copies of the book for your church, school, book club, or study group, contact the author at Kathryn@PhoebesJourneys.com. To receive free bonus materials, such as a discussion guide, and updates on the author’s future projects, visit the Phoebe’s Journey website. You can also follow the author on her Goodreads and Amazon pages.

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