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Who is Phoebe?

Who is Phoebe?

One of the best-loved books in the Bible holds a mystery.

While working in Corinth, the Apostle Paul penned his letter to the Romans. Paul chose a woman named Phoebe to hand carry his letter to the church in Rome. In Romans, Chapter 16, Phoebe’s name is at the head of a long list of noble workers Paul commends for their service.

Who is Phoebe? Why did Paul choose this woman to deliver his precious letter? And why would Phoebe volunteer to make a nearly 1000-mile, sometimes harrowing, always dangerous, journey from her home in Cenchrae, Greece to Rome?

Phoebe’s Journey, a three-book series, imagines Phoebe’s story from her days as a 16-year-old girl on the verge of womanhood, fighting to save her father’s shipping agency through her journey to Rome as Paul’s emissary. This is a world of duty and honor, love and loyalty, revenge, scandal, and treachery.

With an intriguing storyline, Corinth comes alive in Phoebe’s Journey. Experience the excitement and the debauchery of the marketplace, known as the Agora. Encounter life at various levels of society from the mariners to the merchants and the military to the synagogue leaders and the `Corinthian girls.’ Hear Paul reason with Proconsul Gallio, son of philosopher Seneca the Great. Discover the importance of the Isthmian Games to Paul and his fellow tentmakers Priscilla and Aquila, and how the games made their way into Paul’s writings.

Phoebe’s Journey is sure to capture your imagination and enhance your understanding of the life and culture in New Testament times.

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