About The Author

About The Author

Kathryn Collett

Kathryn Collett is a successful businesswoman, author, wife, mother, grandmother and lifelong Christian. Having spent almost three decades as a marketing executive for a major broadcasting corporation, Kathryn has amassed a wealth of knowledge about varied topics and interests. That knowledge inspired a passion for outreach ministries with a special interest in creating fictionalized stories to make the Bible and its tenets accessible and real to non-believers as well as to long-standing Christians.

As a lifetime book lover and history buff, she is particularly interested in bringing stories of minor characters in the New Testament to life through Christian Historical Fiction. Her long-term plans include building a brand around her books and creating study guides for teens, young adults, women’s groups, and others interested in learning long-forgotten stories from the Bible.

When not writing, Kathryn can most often be found running the day-to-day operations of At Your Service of St. Louis County LLC, a successful concierge business she built from the ground up, spending time with her family, reading, or researching for the next great story waiting to be told.

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