Phoebe’s Journey Reviews Coming In!

Phoebe’s Journey Reviews Coming In!

Another 5 star review on Amazon!

I was intrigued by the concept of this book, I have read the book of Romans and heard it read in Church many times but could not remember Phoebe being mentioned, I have read Paul ‘s letters to the church in Corinth also many a time, so was interested in how this new author to me would go about building and telling her story.

I was surprised how quickly I got sucked into the lives of Phoebe, her family, friends and enemies, I felt like I knew them and was going through everything with them. In amongst the story of Phoebe you get to meet Paul the Apostle and see things through his eyes and experience the development of the new church of Christians, some who worship in secret and some who are brave and worship in the open.

This book had me in tears towards the end and has opened my eyes to areas of development needed in my own faith. I cannot wait to read part two and I will definitely be reading this again!

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