New Review

New Review

We’re starting to hear from readers and the reviews for Part 1 of Phoebe’s Journey are very encouraging. Check this out from Goodreads:

As a seminary student and minister who occasionally preaches and teaches, I normally find myself rooted in the world of textual studies and non-fiction. Although this first installment of Collett’s trilogy falls under “Christian fiction,” it is apparent from the first chapter the breadth and depth of historical studies that lay the foundation for this captivating 1st century story and its various historical characters, settings, and plots. With the aid of the character glossary to keep the relationships between the characters clear, I found myself engrossed in the lives of multiple major and minor characters and cheering both for and against them. The most impactful element of this narrative on me was the way it imagined the lives of Paul and Phoebe, two biblical characters we know very much and very little about, respectively. I eagerly anticipate the next two installments and will be rooting Phoebe on to Rome the whole way!

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