My Favorite Character

My Favorite Character

After reading Part 1 of Phoebe’s Journey, one of my beta readers had a question for me. “Who’s your favorite character?” she asked.

That’s easy. My hands-down favorite is Ari, the Greek sailor working on the ship named the Zephyr.

At first, Ari seems to be a simple, minor character—just an uneducated, albeit skilled, deckhand. Ari doesn’t even make an appearance until Chapter 6, and then you might consider him forgettable. As the story develops we realize that Ari is far more and worth getting to know.

Without spoiling anything, Ari is a deeper thinker than he first seems. He’s multi-faceted–patient, until he can’t be anymore; a problem-solver; and loyal.

In Part 2 of Phoebe’s Journey, Ari has an expanded role where we’ll learn more intriguing aspects of Ari’s background and how he came to be one of Phoebe’s father’s most trusted friends.

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