Father’s Day

Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day. While I was at church this morning, my thoughts drifted [as they often do]. I reflected on the relationship I had with my father.

My father passed to his heavenly home more than twenty years ago. He was still a vibrant man, full of dreams and plans. His unexpected death had a profound effect on my life. My father was a giant in my life. We didn’t live in the same city, but I talked to him every night at 6:00pm. Twenty-one years later, I still sometimes reach for my phone at 5:55. He gave me support. He gave me encouragement. He gave me love. And, when he was gone there was a huge void in my life.

In Part 1 of Phoebe’s Journey, Of Passion and Pride the pivotal moment in Phoebe’s life is the death of her beloved father, Miklos. So, is any part of this book autobiographical? Not really. There are significant differences in my 21st century life from Phoebe’s 1st century life. But, I can certainly relate to Phoebe’s sorrow and aching heart at the death of her father. I can understand her desire to keep his memory alive. I can connect to Phoebe’s longing to maintain her father’s life’s work. These are all actions that will honor her father and keep him close to her, even as she grieves. Centuries separate us, but our humanity connects us.

As yesterday’s church service came to a close, the congregation stood and sang a closing hymn together. It was one of my father’s favorites: Our God, He Is Alive. Tears streamed from my eyes as I imagined hearing my father’s booming voice, singing with abandon.

There is a God

He is alive

In Him we live

And we survive

From dust our God

Created man

He is our God

The great I Am.

What a legacy.



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